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What is Sugarlif Sugar?

Sugarlif® - Low GI Diet Sugar

Sugarlif” is a first of its kind of product in the world- where in normal cane sugar has been treated to be made LOW GI.

Sugarlif is made by blending and treating a proprietary aqueous solution with regular cane sugar. The solution is aqueous and no chemicals or solvents are used in the extraction process. Active ingredients in the solutions have Glycemic Index lowering properties that not only keeps the blood sugar levels steady and help our body to metabolize fat more efficiently but also facilitates better absorption of glucose at the cellular level. Furthermore, Sugarlif has no side effects like any of the artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes available in the market today including stevia.

As you know, a nutritious low Gi diet is for each and every one of us irrespective of age and gender. Anyone who is focusing on monitoring a healthier lifestyle for their families or eyeing to build up on the general health and looking to prevent or manage a specific health conditions like Diabetes, heart problem, weight issues – there is no better alternate than a Low Gi Diet


Sugarlif Low Gi Diet Sugar is tested at top international labs LIKE GI Labs in Canada, Whistler Carbohydrate Research Centre, USA and Australia for its Low Gi Properties and Glucose absorption capability.

For all the food processing industry Sugarlif gives all the beneficial properties of normal cane sugar like Taste, Colour and Flavour, Bulk and Texture, Fermentation and Preservation and at the same time Sugarlif sugar has addressed the major concern with respect to the Sugar i.e Glycemic Index and toxicity, thereby making Sugarlif a universal product


Health Benefits of Sugarlif

  • Less sudden increase in blood glucose
  • Reduce demand for insulin post food
  • Lower level of blood Lipids
  • Helps in weight management
  • More sustained supply of Glucose to the brain
  • Better absorption of nutrients by body cells
Sugarlif - Low GI Diet Sugar

Resulting in..

Lower risk of diabetes

Better concentration power & memory
Higher energy level

Healthier blood vessels

Supports active lifestyle

Reduce demand for insulin post food
Benefits of Sugarlif

Sugarlif ® v/s Ordinary Sugar

Sugarlif® (Natural Low GI Diet Sugar) Sugar (High GI)
Slows down the aging process Speeds up the aging process
Results in better Metabolism and Increased Immunity Suppresses Immunity
Maintains the Mineral Balance Disturbs the Mineral Balance
Maintains Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels Raises Cholesterol & Triglyceride levels
Helps in Weight Management Results in Weight Gain
Improves Glucose and Lipid Metabolism Obesity (Insulin Resistance)
Minimum or no Fluid retention Fluid Retention
Sugarlif compared to others

Sugarlif ® v/s Other Sweeteners

Parameters Artificial Sweeteners Stevia Sugar Substitute Sugarlif® Natural Low GI Diet Sugar
Advisable for Kids No No Yes
Nutritional Value No Yes Yes
Weight Management Yes Yes Yes
Increased Energy Levels No No Yes
Harmful Side Effects Yes Yes No
Increased Immunity No Yes Yes